Anonymous said: What would you call your clothing style?

'this doesn't smell too bad’


Anonymous said: Do you have a shop for your art?

yes! There’s a link right there on my blog.



v thankful for all of the awesome, young artists that are on tumblr and how cool and inspiring their art is. it’s rly neat to feel like yr part of an art community, even tho everyone is spread out across the world! 

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Anonymous said: i hope you're having a wonderful day, and do take care :) p.s. your art is very artistically beautiful and so are you. keep your head up dear eryn😽

Thank you, how sweet! 


Anonymous said: such lovely face such lovely art. seriously your style is so minimalist, but expressive and lovely :)

Thank you very much :) That’s such a kind thing of you to say!!


Anonymous said: just wanted to tell you that you seem like such a nice gal and your art is just splendid! xx

Thank you very much :)


Anonymous said: Jesus you're irritating

……..then don’t follow me and don’t look at my blog it’s really easy


Anonymous said: Teach how to selfie plz



Anonymous said: eryn i have sent u like two messages being like "hey sup do u remember me we used to be mutuals" and ive gotten no response and i hate hassling ppl and i don't know if u have seen them or not and it's stressing me out

I’m under no obligation to reply to you - whether because I don’t want to or because I’m always very behind in replying to messages. But repeatedly sending me messages is not the way to get me to you reply to you.


selfies are a very real form of procrastination