Anonymous said: Are you using spotify or itunes and what kind of headphones do you use?

itunes? I have urbanears headphones, they’re great.


Anonymous said: Just wanted to say I saw some of your art on my dash and it made me happy ☺️

Aww that’s very sweet!

Best news


John arsenault is the most attractive person i have ever met.

I am sorry my friend John hacked my social media last night


Anonymous said: how do you make those waves in your hair?

My hair was in a bun, and when I took it out, voila, waves.


Anonymous said: What is your job, modeling?!?

haha, goodness no! I work in a boutique.


selfies from work today


Anonymous said: eryn! your dog is so cute~ may i ask what breed it is??

indeed he is :+) he’s a cocker spaniel poodle mix!


Yoshitomo Nara | Ceramics 


Yoshitomo Nara | Ceramics 

(via minutie)

I wore my hair up today with the help of numerous hair clips